3 Muslim Migrants Beat & Gang-Rape Girl, Offer One Horrifying Word As She Sobs In Agony

After meeting a teen girl through mutual friends, 3 migrants took turns raping her and brutally punched her repeatedly in the face when she tried to fight back. However, as soon as they were done with the severely battered girl, they each uttered one horrifying word she’ll never forget.

Once hailed as a beacon for liberal politics, Sweden has been quietly abandoned by the embarrassed left as a failed multicultural utopia. Just a few decades after opening its borders, Sweden has suffered a 1,472-percent increase in rape, around three-quarters of which is committed by the country’s tiny Muslim population. Sadly, it is predicted that 1 in 4 Swedish females will be raped, but like their liberal cohorts, these foreign-born offenders only have a single word to offer at best.

Fria Tider reports that after severely beating and repeatedly raping a 16-year-old girl, 3 Afghan Muslim migrants took turns mocking their sobbing, bleeding victim by saying, “sorry.” The teen was attending an apartment party with a group of friends in Härnösand over Easter weekend when she suddenly realized she had left her cell phone at the complex. After stepping inside to grab her phone, the girl was seized by Bashir, Jafari, and Noor, all of whom claim to refugee “children,” and forced into a bedroom.

The victim testified that because she fought back by hitting, kicking, and screaming for help, the migrants punched her in her face, causing the skin on her forehead to split open. Noor reportedly pulled down the girl’s pants while Bashir and Jafari tore off her shirt. They screamed, “Shut up or we will kill you!” as they then took turns raping her.

Afterward, the trio handed back her ripped clothing and taunted her by repeating, “Sorry,” as she cried. Under her breath, the girl vowed to report them to the authorities, an action which rarely results in justice for Swedish victims. Fortunately, the judge gave a surprising ruling against these fake refugees.

Bashir was convicted of aggravated rape and minor drug offenses, earning him 2 years in prison. Jafari was convicted of aggravated rape and sentenced to 10 months in juvenile detention. Likewise, Noor was sentenced to 1 year in youth custody for aggravated rape. Although the sentences are undeniably paltry, the judge ordered all 3 rapists to be deported to Afghanistan immediately following their prison stay. According to Sveriges Radio, each migrant must also pay the victim over $17,600 in damages, although it’s unlikely that she’ll ever receive any payment.

Like many migrant criminals in Sweden, these asylum seekers claimed to be “unaccompanied minors” in order to escape justice. All 3 told the court that they were born in 1999, ensuring that they would be tried as minors, which almost always results in milder sentencing. Luckily, the judge at least saw through Bashir’s claims, taking the Swedish Migration Board’s proof that the migrant was actually an adult.

Unfortunately, this is not typically the case. In the same week, a court in Malmö sentenced a migrant to 1 month in prison and refused to deport him after he was found guilty of violently raping a young boy at an asylum center. The Afghan migrant, known only as Mehdi, held a 13-year-old boy by the neck and threatened to kill him while raping him. The court ruled that Mehdi should not be expelled because he attained Swedish citizenship, despite being convicted of a series of prior crimes ranging from 2012 to 2014. The child victim is reportedly suicidal from the ordeal.

The last word of Bashir, Jafari, and Noor is not merely a sarcastic sentiment uttered to mock their already defeated victim. In fact, their apology is indicative of their knowledge that their actions are wrong, despite migrants consistently using “cultural differences” to justify rape.

Additionally, they made sure to tell authorities that they are under the age of 18, hoping to use Sweden’s benevolence toward refugee children to thwart justice. Disturbingly, Sweden’s approach to unaccompanied minors has served as a dinner bell to voracious migrants posing as children.

A study funded by the migration board concluded on June 30 that up to 86 percent of refugees claiming to be children under the age of 18 are, in fact, adults. In 1,215 age tests, medical professionals uncovered that only 1 in 6 refugee children are actually “possibly” children, meaning the other 5 are grown men posing as minors.

Through decades of liberal politics, Sweden is sealing its fate to become just another Islamic Sharia wasteland in which women cover themselves and stay at home out of fear of religious retaliation. Hopefully, if it doesn’t take a sharp turn in its political agenda, it will at least serve as a siren to the West of what happens when opening our borders.

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