“Allahu Akbar” Cut Short as Fighter Jet Draws a Bead on Terrorists [Video]

There have been a number of videos coming out of the Middle East showing combat situations involving America, Russian and Turkish forces battling the Islamic State terror group, as well as a host of other extremist groups fighting in Iran and Syria.

A video making the rounds online appears to show just how clueless some of these people can be. The video shows a fighter jet using its machine gun to take out a group of alleged fighters, Funker 530 reported.

The video, which was filmed by one of the alleged fighters, shows a fighter jet, believed to be a MIG-29, flying through the sky, clearly lining up for a gun run.

The people behind the video camera obviously didn’t realize the jet was preparing to attack them because they stood right where they were, recording the entire thing and making it very easy for the pilot to get a bead on them.

Not their smartest move.

The video showed the plane opening fire, and then a second later you can hear the bullets start hitting all around the person filming. He starts to cry “Allah Akbar,” but it cut off in mid sentence. It is unclear if he survived the strafing run or not.

You can watch the video here.

The Aviationist, which posted the video in 2014, claimed that the fighter jet belonged to the Syrian air force. The article only identifies those being attacked as “rebels.”

However, Funker 530 identifies the people in the video as belonging to Jaish al-Islam, one of many extremists segments of the Free Syrian Army. The logo imprinted on the video matches the group’s, so this was apparently a case where an enemy of America — a Syrian MiG — was attacking Jaish al-Islam, a group that’s as savage in many respects as the terrorists of the Islamic State group.

This is just one of hundreds, probably thousands, of videos in the Middle East showing military equipment in action. Even if we don’t always know the specifics behind who is being shot at (or who is doing the shooting), it’s always a sobering reminder of just how deadly the fighting actually is.

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