COMEBACK KING: Jeff Sessions Is ALL SMILES After The AMAZING News General Kelly Just Gave Him

Remember how just last week everyone was freaking out about President Trump firing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? Since then, he fired Spicer, Scaramucci, and Priebus, but NO Sessions.

Well, in case you were still wondering the fate of Jeff Sessions, General Kelly just made a Call that will clear that up for good:

General Kelly just told Sessions he will get to KEEP his job as Attorney General.

According to the Associated Press, the call was made on Saturday, right after he was appointed the new Chief-of-Staff, and let Sessions know his job is secure.

However, this is not the only message Kelly delivered to Sessions in that call. He let AG Sessions know that President Trump, despite keeping him, is still VERY upset over his Russian recusal and the way he has been prioritizing his Justice Department so far.

So, it would be presumptuous to say that Jeff Sessions is out of the woods just yet, however his job is safe…for now.

Still, despite Trump giving General Kelly many new authorities as Chief-of-Staff not delegated to Reince Priebus, at the end of the day he too serves at the pleasure of the President. So, Sessions, just remember who you work for and you should be fine.

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