Illegal Aliens Attack Hispanic GOP Candidate Challenging Maxine Waters, Get Brutal Lesson

Omar Navarro comes from a family of legal immigrants from Mexico, and he grew up in Maxine Waters’ district. Now, Omar is officially running to unseat Waters and speaking out at city council meetings all throughout Southern California, where they are enacting laws to mandate sanctuary cities. After an eloquent speech condemning illegal aliens, Omar was attacked by them, but that hasn’t stopped him, and you don’t want to miss the brutally honest lesson he gave them.

Parts of California are waging a war against the liberal Democratic machine and the useful idiots who follow them. One such example is Omar Navarro, a young Latino who grew up on the tough streets of Inglewood. His parents came from Mexico legally, and he sees that its illegal aliens who are ruining our country.

So, he is on a crusade to not only unseat Maxine, which is sadly a daunting task with her millions she uses to buy votes, but he is going to city council meetings, and sadly, he gets attacked every time. CBS News reported on the recent Cudahy City meeting, saying, “Two groups of activists clashed Monday night over Cudahy’s sanctuary-city status. The groups with very different messages were separated by a driveway outside a city council meeting.”

One protester shouted, “White supremacists back to Europe!” while a counter-demonstrator yelled, “Go back to Mexico, how about that?” Omar Navarro had just finished speaking when the groups were walking outside and things got ugly. “I don’t think Mexico needs to send all the people because I’m Mexican. They need to export poverty, which is what they’re doing,” said Paloma Zuniga, a supporter of President Donald Trump.

“My parents are Mexican, and I’m here to say: ‘Don’t hate.’ Why you have to hate all of us because we’re different?” Victoria Gracia asked. When Navarro revealed that he was Mexican, the crowd started booing. Navarro taught the illegal aliens a brutal lesson with his testimony, and this is what really set them off.

Navarro realizes these are tough streets with gang violence becoming an everyday occurrence. Still, he goes out with confidence in God that he will be protected. The illegal alien thugs who attacked him after the Cudahy meeting are the norm.

“I believe you can stand your ground, even while smeared by corrupt opponents, and run for office in a city with a high registration of Democrats and win as a Republican. The County Democratic machine has more of a reason to see why they are not relevant in Los Angeles anymore,” said Navarro.

“Omar Navarro, a Latino Trump Supporter, was himself attacked, yelled at through a bullhorn and called an ‘immigrant cracker’ by protesters at a Cudahy Town Hall calling for Cudahy to be a Sanctuary City,” reported Resurgence Media. Navarro visited Antonio Foreman, the bodyguard for the Conservative pundit called “Baked Alaska.” He had been stabbed nine times by liberal thugs.

Taking Maxine Waters seat is going to be tough, but if patriots across the country support Omar Navarro, well then, we know it can be done. California is a wasteland of liberal nutjobs, but there are still a good number of conservatives who are fighting back to change the status quo, and Omar Navarro is one of them. We all know Auntie Maxine has got to go, and Omar Navarro is proving that he is willing to walk through the fire to represent the same values that got Donald Trump elected.