Italy Considering Shutting Down the Arrival of Migrant Boats

Italy may soon have to stop accepting migrant boats due to the massive volume of traffic coming into the country.

According to some lawmakers in Italy, the country cannot take the strain of continuous additions of immigrants making their way across the Mediterranean. The Washington Post reported that more than 12,000 immigrants arrived from the ocean in the span four days alone. This year in total: 82,000.

“With this frequency and these numbers we can easily tell that, soon enough, we won’t be able to handle it any longer,” chairman of the defense committee of the Italian Senate Nicola Latorre said according to The Post.

“We need to act now, and what can immediately be done is to allow vessels that are not flying the Italian flag to carry those migrants to their respective countries,” Latorre continued.

“We risk reaching a point when we won’t be able to authorize any landing any longer, a dramatic situation.”

Carlotta Sami, a spokeswoman for the U.N. refugee agency in Rome, noted “It is really a challenge to save all these people, because they are pushed out at sea all together in a massive way.”

The Italian ruling party, a center-left party, has another reason to fear such high numbers of immigrants coming in-country — the polls.

The Washington Post reported that the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, is concerned about losing to populists in the next election because of the extreme influx in migrants.

As it is much easier to reach than France or Spain (other Mediterranean-bordering countries), Italy has been an especially popular landing spot for boats making their way across the vast sea.

But with this new development, that may no longer be the case. However, if Italy decides to bar boats from arriving, it will very likely received heavy pressure from the European Union as a whole.

As The Daily Caller reported, the bloc sued Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for preventing their allotted numbers of resettled immigrants into their countries, something many would consider to a violation of national sovereignty.

Time will tell if Italy will be able to curb the massive influx of immigrants to the country, but it may already be too late.

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