Marine Veteran Who “Smoked” 3 Alabama Thugs During Home Invasion Gets Shocking News

Michael Irving, the 62-year-old Marine veteran who valiantly defended his life and property from three drug addicted thugs, returned home to find his residence still in shambles from the attempted home invasion in Theodore, Alabama. Now, as Mr. Irving recovers from his gunshot wounds, he’s received shocking news that he never expected.

Mad World News previously reported on Irving, who after being shot with a shotgun still managed to neutralize three thugs with his own “old time pistol.” Shortly after returning home from the hospital, Irving was contacted by Stone Arms, a local veteran-owned gun store in Mobile, Alabama. Jeff Stone of Stone Arms, along with some of his supportive friends, had some shocking but great news for Irving.

A new handgun was gifted to Irving to replace his “old time pistol” that he used to dispatch the three criminals who tried to kill him. Let’s hope that Irving’s reputation for being a crack shot with a pistol is enough to keep any criminals away from his home as he continues to undergo treatment for colon cancer. The new firearm was only the beginning of Irving’s great news.

According to the original story, Irving kept his “old time pistol” in the cupboard behind the coffee where it was most definitely accessible in his time of need. During a video clip posted to Stone Arms Facebook page on Monday, June 26, 2017, Jeff Stone also reported that his friend Mike Ward, who owns Liberty Safe in Mobile, Alabama, donated a safe in which Irving can keep his new handgun secure. It’s uncertain if Irving will keep his new firearm in the safe instead of behind the coffee from now on. However, it is undoubtedly better not be the person who provokes the 62-year-old Marine into revealing where he’s stashed his gun, to begin with.

In addition to the new firearm and safe, Irving will be getting a special visit from the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) on Thursday, June 29, 2017. The following Mission Notification was posted to the PGR’s website by Ride Captain Lloyd Pursley.

Fellow Riders,

By now everyone is familiar with this brave Marine that was shot during an attempted burglary at his home last week. After being wounded, his military training kicked in and in his own words he “smoked ‘em”, wounding all three intruders (non life threatening injuries) who were later arrested after fleeing his home. A fourth intruder (driving the getaway car) remains at large.

To show our respect for this Marine, we’ve determined that his yard is in dire need of some TLC.
Mr. Irving is also battling cancer and is unable to work in his yard as he once did. He also has some fruit trees that need a trim.

I met with Mr. Jeff Stone of Stone Arms Inc this morning and we’re on the same page in helping Mr. Irving with his yard. Jeff is responsible for getting the ball moving!

Therefore, it shall be our Honor to help this gentleman get his yard back into shape.

The outpouring of love and support for the heroic 62-year-old Marine is nothing short of epic. A GoFundMe account has also been set up for Irving which is being managed by his family and Jeremy Windle of Aces Motor Sports, in Semmes, Alabama. As Irving’s story continues to go viral on social media, people from all over the country are joining in to show their support for this beloved Marine, and rightfully so.