Muslim Refugee Rapes & Tortures Children, Liberal Judge’s Simple Reply Is Even Sicker

After an asylum seeker was convicted of repeatedly raping and brutally torturing his own children, the prosecution believed the court would bury the refugee under the jailhouse. However, instead of delivering due justice, the liberal judge excused the migrant’s heinous crimes with an unbelievably disturbing reply.

Ever since Sweden opened its borders to migrants decades ago, the relatively small country has served as the litmus test for open borders and Muslim migration. What the Nordic nation has gained is a 1,472-percent increase in rape with around three-quartersof sexual assaults committed by the Muslim minority. Despite their government’s restrictive censorship, statistics suggest that 1 in 4 Swedish females will be raped. Of course, even more devastating to Sweden’s culture and heritage is the left’s judicial response to the migrant crime wave.

Although a sadistic Somali migrant was convicted of some of the most depraved sexual and physical abuse to his own children, he will not only be back on the streets in just a few years but a judge has blocked all efforts to deport the deranged incestuous pedophile.

Fria Tider reports that 33-year-old Ahmed, whose identity remains withheld per Swedish censorship laws, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for years of violent rape and torture of his 6 children, which is just 2 years more than Swedes may receive for insulting Muslim migrants. The Muslim asylum seeker was found to have forced at least 3 of his young children to perform explicit sex acts, including vaginal and anal intercourse, as well as severe beatings.

The Södertälje District Court concluded that the sexual abuse lasted from January 2013 to January 2016, during which Ahmed vaginally penetrated and sodomized one of his daughters. Other sex acts to which Ahmed subjected the girl were apparently too graphic to report outside of the courtroom. The debauched migrant also subjected one of his sons to depraved molestation which was proceeded by typical grooming techniques utilized by child sexual predators.

The beatings inflicted upon the young children were so severe that the court referred to them as “torture-like.” The court report even states that the crimes “should be considered as rough, as Ahmed exhibited particular ruthlessness and brutality in order to satisfy himself.” Regardless of his serious crimes, there has been no report suggesting that the children will be protected from their father once he leaves prison.

In addition to his sickening sexual appetite, Ahmed was found guilty of massive welfare fraud in over 151 incidents totaling over $82,000 in improper contributions. Ultimately, Ahmed was convicted of aggravated child rape, aggravated sexual abuse of 3 minor children, and 6 gross violations of integrity which pertain to welfare fraud, according to SVT News.

Ahmed was previously charged with assaulting a Swedish girl under the age of 16 on a playground. However, he was acquitted of this crime in 2014 by the same court he recently re-entered. Still, this lengthy list of serious crimes wasn’t enough to convince the judge to exact an appropriate sentence or extradite the repeat offender.

Even more disturbing is that Ahmed’s wife, while a victim of his abuse as well, aided in the sexual abuse of their children. The woman, who remains unnamed, was sentenced to 15 months in prison and must pay over $17,600 in compensation to 3 of the 6 children while Ahmed was ordered to pay 5 of them more than $74,100.

Disturbingly, Ahmed’s case is no longer uncommon in Sweden. In fact, violent migrants are escaping justice far more often than their non-Muslim Swedish hosts. In December 2016, 5 Afghan migrants will be allowed to remain in Sweden after severely beating and gang-raping a minor child in Uppsala. The court blocked deportation efforts from the prosecution because it would be “too dangerous” for the rapists to be returned to their home country.

Less than 5 months later, a 70-year-old Swedish woman was charged with “incitement to racial hatred” for posting on Facebook that Muslim migrants are “setting fire to cars” and “urinating and defecating on the streets.” The elderly citizen was charged with the equivalent of a hate crime and faces 4 years in prison — just 2 years less than the aforementioned Somali Muslim migrant who spent years raping and torturing his children and defrauding the Swedish taxpayers.

Like many other European countries under liberal rule, Sweden has taken a multicultural approach to politics, believing that all cultures, no matter how barbaric or oppressive, are equal and should be tolerated. Unfortunately, this mentality allows the most violent culture to overtake all other peaceful ones, as is slowly being accomplished in Sweden.

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