Tim Allen Reveals What Hollywood Is Most Afraid of… And It’s Not Who You Think

When Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” was canceled this spring in spite of respectable ratings, the show became a rallying point for conservatives around the country. Given that Allen’s lead character was a likable right-winger — a rara avis in the entertainment industry — many felt the cancellation was representative of Hollywood’s anti-conservative bias.

Now, in an appearance on a podcast earlier this week, Allen seemed to confirm that version of events, saying that he felt the cancellation was due to the politics of his character and that in Hollywood, “there’s nothing more dangerous” than a “likable conservative.”

“I always wanted ‘LMS’ — ‘Last Man Standing’ — to be like (‘All in the Family’s’) Archie Bunker,” Allen told comedian Norm Macdonald on his podcast, according to The Washington Times.

Allen’s character in the series, Mike Baxter, was portrayed as an amiable, politically conservative father of three — although he wasn’t quite as outwardly provocative as Archie Bunker was.

The full interview is below. This clip will pick up at the “Last Man Standing” discussion after a short talk about Allen’s upcoming schedule.

“Archie Bunker pushed boundaries, but (actor) Carroll O’Connor was not that guy at all. I am a version of that guy, but there’s is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative,” Allen told Macdonald.

“(Mike Baxter) is mitigated on the show by a family of women who had a difference of opinions, but the guy was a likable guy and a principled guy about work and ethics and all this stuff,” he added. “I think there’s nothing more dangerous now than a likable conservative character.”

As for the show’s cancellation, Allen said that he was “stunned and blindsided” by the move.

“You couldn’t have handled this worse. Not for me, because I’ll survive, but there’s 190 of us that work there,” Allen said. “It’s hard. I have no idea why they did what they did.”

As Norm Macdonald pointed out on the podcast, this wouldn’t be the first time something similar had taken place on the major networks. Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, CBS (and other networks) infamously carried out a scheme that became known as the “rural purge” — canceling shows that appealed to rural audiences like “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Green Acres” in favor of more hip and urban programming.

Of course, there was a whiff of politics about that decision, but nothing like what the entertainment world is now. Conservatives are usually drummed out of the industry, and fast. The surprising thing is that President Donald Trump isn’t their biggest enemy, as many may think. It’s literally any conservative — especially one that’s portrayed as being a human being instead of just an anthropomorphic effigy of hate.

Sadly, the biggest surprise shouldn’t be that “Last Man Standing” was canceled; it’s that it was even allowed to survive as long as it did in the first place.

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