Trump CANT STOP SMILING After What Top Russia Expert Just Said About His Meeting With Putin

Donald Trump just struck the ultimate win today about Russia and now the Democrats are scurrying back to their caves in fear of being caught. Despite all the BS saying his meeting was terrible and he is a puppet, HE DID PREVAIL. Take it from Bush-era Russia expert Stephen Cohen, who declared:

It was the BEST meeting between an American and Russian President since Roosevelt met with Stalin!

According to Cohen, the meeting between Roosevelt and Stalin is the main reason Nazis do not run Europe to this day. That’s a HELL of a compliment if I have ever heard one.

This was a much-needed meeting because the picture Cohen paints of US-Russia relations could not be much grimmer:

“Our relationship with Russia is so very, very dangerous – arguably the most dangerous since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.”

Well, that is an issue we certainly want to avoid happening again. Thanks to President Trump, that may now be possible.

Also, Cohen expertise on Russia has apparently led him to the conclusion that Donald Trump is NOT a Russian puppet and has actually been handling the “crippling allegations” quite well. In fact, Cohen went as far as to say that those making the allegations with no proof are “a threat to our national security.”

Amen, brother. These baseless claims are hurting our negotiating power and stance in the world. Show your proof or stop the lies. Help share this everywhere if you think Stephen Cohen vindicated Trump 100%.