Trump Looking at New Air Force 1, Who Ordered It Will Have CNN Freaking out

Prepare to be inundated with a breathless renewal of “Russian collusion!” allegations by the liberal Trump-hating media after it was just revealed where the administration’s new Air Force One presidential jets will be coming from.

Recall that prior to his inauguration, newly elected Donald Trump had publicly engaged in negotiations with Boeing over the inflated costs of replacing the pair of presidential jets, and promised to ultimately bring those costs to the taxpayer down to a more reasonable level.

It appears that just such a thing is on the verge of happening, as Defense News reported that the Air Force is about to finalize a deal with Boeing that would procure two brand-new, already-built 747-8 passenger jets that were never delivered to their original purchaser.

That initial purchaser was Russian airline Transaero, who declared bankruptcy and reneged on their purchase in 2015, just months after ordering the planes. Obviously, the planes were never delivered to them and instead were sent to the “boneyard” upon completion and after test flights, a massive aircraft storage and scrapyard in the Mojave desert for older retired jets and new aircraft with no owners.

Defense News noted that the Air Force most likely scored quite a good deal by procuring the two already built jets from the boneyard instead of having two new jets built from scratch.

New, undelivered jets of this type generally are listed for around $390 million, though there will certainly be additional costs after purchase as the aircraft are further upgraded with top-of-the-line secure communications equipment and defensive countermeasures, along with a custom interior fit for a president and his traveling coterie of advisers and staff. Oh yeah, and the media.

We’re working through the final stages of coordination to purchase two commercial 747-8 aircraft and expect to award a contract soon,” Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek stated. A finalized deal could be officially announced by the Pentagon as soon as next week.

Boeing spokeswoman Caroline Hutcheson stated, “We’re still working toward a deal to provide two 747-8s to the Air Force — this deal is focused on providing a great value for the Air Force and the best price for the taxpayer.”

Trump promised that he would reduce the cost to taxpayers of replacing the pair of Air Force One presidential jets that had been ordered by the government, and it appears that he is doing just that by picking up two perfectly good aircraft that had been abandoned by a defunct Russian airliner at a bargain.

H/T Investors Business Daily

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