WATCH: Girl Plows Her Teacher Right In The Kisser – Teacher’s Response Is VERY Weird

**UPDATE: We’re not certain that the person hit was a teacher, a teacher’s aide, or just a fellow student, but we do know for a fact that this behavior is pure evil on display and should never be acceptable.**

If you were wondering why there are such discipline problems in public schools, maybe this is a clue.

When teachers are more concerned about being suspended for dealing with a lawless punk than they are about defending themselves from assault, we have a serious problem.

The student walks right up to the teacher and sucker-punches her in the mouth.

What kind of fear has to motivate a teacher — even in the face of personal attack — where she recites that one phrase over and over.


After getting smoked in the head again and again… she STILL kept repeating that one line.

… is it actually school policy that she’s supposed to stand there and TAKE it?

Reactions like this will only embolden these punks.

Share if it’s bad news to have a generation of punks who think they can just walk up to people and start swinging.