After CNN Report, Possible Source Of Trump Allegations Revealed

The day before Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election, CNN reported on unsubstantiated documents making salacious allegations against the president-elect, which he quickly labeled “fake news” and a “complete fabrication.”

The left-leaning news site BuzzFeed went further, publishing the information contained in the so-called dossier on Trump.

According to reports, the salacious information might have been fabricated by users of the infamous website 4chan.

In a piece headlined “Did 4Chan Troll The CIA?”’s Christine Rousselle reported that posts on 4chan prior to the election seem to match up with the information published by BuzzFeed.

“What’s worth talking about,” she wrote, “are swirling claims on Reddit [another site] that 4chan users on the board /pol/ completely made the entire thing up. According to a variety of posts on the pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald, a user on /pol/, a 4chan board, made up the most salacious story in the report. He then mailed it to anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who then went to the CIA. The story was then included on the dossier published Tuesday by BuzzFeed News.”

Rousselle continued, “If this is true, this effectively means that 4chan trolled the U.S. intelligence system and the majority of the U.S. media with what’s basically Donald Trump erotic fanfiction, which is terrifying.”

The documents published by BuzzFeed were generated as political opposition research by a former British intelligence officer during the presidential election. “The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors,” BuzzFeed admitted.

The opposition research claimed the Russian government has videos of Trump with prostitutes in Moscow from a 2013 visit. “The videos were supposedly prepared as ‘kompromat,’ or compromising material, with the possible goal of blackmailing Mr. Trump in the future,” The New York Times reported.

Further, the documents state that Michael Cohen, a lawyer with the Trump Organization, traveled to Prague in August or September to meet with Russian officials to talk about hacking the Democrats, according to the Times.

CNN reported Tuesday that the reason it covered the document, which was floated to journalists during the election, is that intelligence officials included it in their briefing about Russian involvement in the election to Trump last week. BuzzFeed, in turn, cited CNN as a reason it felt the story newsworthy.

Trump’s incoming chief of staff, Reince Priebus, who attended the intelligence briefing, stated on NBC’s Today show Wednesday morning that the subject was not addressed at all. “I was there and these crazy accusations … were never discussed,” he told host Matt Lauer.

Lauer pressed Priesbus on whether he had asked Trump about the claims. Priebus said he did and Trump characterized it as total garbage, and “I’m keeping it clean.”

The incoming chief of staff added, “If this was something our intelligence community actually believed in, it would have been published in the rest of the report available to the public.”

He also noted that Cohen has never been to Prague and in fact was in California when the supposed meeting took place.

Trump categorically denied the accusations on Twitter.

Several members of the media noted the story was not a fair hit against Trump.

David Corn, an MSNBC analyst and Washington bureau chief for the far-left outlet Mother Jones, tweeted, “Even Donald Trump deserves journalistic fairness.”

Julia Ioffe, a Huffington Post contributor and fierce critic of Trump,  tweeted:

“Not how journalism works: Here’s a thing that might or might not be true, without supporting evidence; decide for yourself if it’s legit,” tweeted Brad Heath, an investigative reporter for USA Today.

Russia stated Wednesday any report it has a compromising dossier on Trump is “pulp fiction.”