Colin Kaepernick Benched During Sunday’s Game

Colin Kaepernick, who is arguably the most hated quarterback in the NFL, was benched during today’s game against the Chicago Bears. Why was he benched, you ask? Because he was just THAT bad. This had nothing to do with an injury or winning by such a great margin that he didn’t need to play and everything to do with sucking.

Trailing by 22 points to the Chicago Bears in the fourth quarter, the San Francisco 49ers opted to bench starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Blaine Gabbert took over at quarterback for the Niners and played the rest of the way in the 26-6 loss.

Kaepernick, who finished the day 1 of 5 with four yards passing, entered the game at full strength and fresh off last week’s 296-yard performance. Over his last four games (not including Week 13 vs. Bears), he’s 86 of 145 for 1,110 yards with eight TDs and two interceptions.

What’s worse? He was replaced by Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert used to be QB for my local team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, so I’m extremely familiar with his astounding levels of suck as well. If you’re so bad that your team replaces you with Blaine freaking Gabbert, you should just pack it up, because wow.

Maybe we should be a bit more understanding. His knee’s probably just a little sore from all of that kneeling.