Former NFL Star Destroys Meryl Streep With a Single Tweet

Meryl Streep’s elitist, condescending, factually incorrect speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night took a swipe at the millions of Americans who enjoy football and Mixed Martial Arts, in addition to her pathetic attack on President-elect Donald Trump (and by proxy his supporters). Many Americans have responded to Streep’s ignorance, including a former NFL star who called Streep “a joke!”

The Daily Caller reported:

Tony Siragusa, former star defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens, did not like what he heard from the millionaire actress.

“Goose,” as he is known by fans, is currently a football commentator with Yahoo! Sports and took to his social media to call Streep “a joke!”

“It must be great to have all your friends give you an award for being someone else,” Siragusa wrote, “Did you ever get an award for being you?”

“Btw, athletes ARE real people, we don’t have to pretend to be someone else,” he added, “we are real!!!”

I love it. Trump also called out Streep on Twitter when he called her “overrated,” and while some have responded about how incredible her acting talents supposedly are, the point stands that no matter what you think about her as an actress, the hoopla over a line reader is the definition of “overrated.”

As Siragusa pointed out, she plays pretend for a living, and as we found out on Sunday, probably shouldn’t go off script. Then again, if she didn’t write that herself, whoever wrote it should get canned.

Siragusa’s other point, about how it was a bunch of her friends that handed her an award, is spot on as well. A bunch of elitist snobs have in fact handed her many a golden idol for reading lines well and along with the massive amount of money she has amassed, Streep has apparently been fooled into believing that she has a clue about the real world.


Streep’s elitist comment about football and MMA truly laid bare the massive, nasty snobbery of the left that we all knew was there but is now out in full force.

This is yet another thing about the Trump effect that has been so entertaining to watch — Trump’s victory sent the left into a tailspin and pushed them to pull off the mask and show all of America what they really think of the people that put money in their pockets.

Maybe it’s time for the millions of Americans that like things like football and MMA to remind the Streeps of the world — you know, the poor, “vilified” segment of America, as the actress claimed on Sunday — just how superfluous their role in society is by speaking with our wallets.