Trump Furious After Obama ‘Holdovers’ Make Big Move, Says ‘Fire Them All!’

President Donald Trump is furious after learning about betrayers in his midst right in the White House. Many of them were hiding by promising complete loyalty to Trump, all the while these “Obama holdovers” were doing dirty tricks behind the scenes. Trump is saying “fire them all,” after they just made a huge mistake, outing themselves. You don’t want to miss this.

The Democrats are out of control, and they are sadly mistaken, thinking their coup attempt to take out President Trump will work. Their “holdovers” who have burrowed inside the White House are freaking out, and they complained to Politico, the far leftist media outlet who backs the Democrats. They are so scared of Trump, they are crumbling.

“Nobody knows where this really goes from here,” a White House official said. “Everyone is walking around saying, ‘What is next?’” This “White House official” is an Obama holdover, and all it takes is a phone call from a loyal Trump insider, who can call in a favor, to find out who it is.

But, that’s not all. In this piece by Politico, other Obama holdovers called the liberal outlet from the West Wing; they can no longer hide and they know Trump has found out who they are. “[S]taffers have grown tired and upset about stories of a staff shakeup. Two officials said they had no idea whether their jobs were in jeopardy — but that Trump has privately given people assurances that theirs are safe.”

Trump has also given the “fire them all” order to the Obama holdovers who outed themselves in that Politico article, says Laura Ingraham, a well-known conservative radio host and frequent guest on Fox News who has been a staunch supporter of the president.

She also clarified that Trump is so pissed off that he is telling his staff that if they can’t give him all their blood, sweat, and tears, then to get out. Right now, the Democrats are trying to destroy him and that would destroy the hopes of the millions of Americans who voted for him.

Ingraham explained what the whole bogus Russia-Trump investigation is really about and why Trump is in war mode, taking them on:

Fellow Americans, what you are seeing now [by the Democrats] is a prime example of why so many of you turned on Washington, D.C., why so many of you turned out to vote. The critics said you wouldn’t, the pundits said you couldn’t, the experts never saw it coming, but you the people demanded that things be done differently in Washington, D.C. Trump’s doing things differently in Washington, D.C.

He’s not a politician, he doesn’t have a lot of experience in dealing with those who are self-dealing and people who are always trying to cover their own backs sides [like Comey] worrying about their next jobs. Trump’s agenda is threatening to these people.

Trumps’ agenda of turning America back to the homefront, reinvigorating our position in the world, having better and more forceful trade deals, making new alliances with countries who can help us with the war against ISIS, enforcing our border and refusing to look the other way when the rule of law is being flouted. All of those things Trump is doing and all of those things the swamp wants to stop.

She really hit the nail on the head and brought home why this battle in Washington, D.C., is so important to win. What the Democrats forget is that patriotic Americans voted to get rid of them by draining the swamp. This fake hysteria by the liberal media over Russia is nothing but a crazy game to somehow impeach Trump, but they have got nothing.

Trump is a brawler, who has gone to war with the best dirty tricksters in big business and comes out winning, time and time again. Let those idiots investigate all they want; in the end, they will look like fools who made the huge mistake thinking they could take on Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him.