WATCH: College Basketball Coach Sounds Off on Participation Trophies in Epic Rant

The University of Louisville’s women’s basketball coach sounded off about young people receiving ‘participation trophies’, no matter their accomplishments.

Coach Jeff Walz said, following a loss to the University of Maryland, that he was not concerned whether his team received trophies for their performance in the 78-72 loss to the Terrapins.

“You’ve got to have a will,” Walz said, “we just live in a generation of kids– everybody gets a damn trophy.”

Walz said his decision spoke to the broader issue that young people do not want “to have their feelings hurt”.

“Unfortunately, it’s our society… Everybody thinks they should have a job– even a good job,” he said, noting that in his profession, if he “loses” enough, he will be fired no matter how he feels.

He said by being tough in this regard, he is preparing his players for the “real world”, adding that when he played basketball years ago, there was no consolation bracket for losing teams to continue to play through a tournament.